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Client Advisory Services

What Is Client Advisory Services (CAS)?

At a very basic level, Client Advisory Services (CAS) fills the growing need for a back office support for your business. From general ledger maintenance to recording daily transactions, payable services, bank and credit card reconciliations, and month-end closes, our team provides the support you need so you can focus on what you love. Through routine financial statement reporting and regular meetings, Rea goes a step further: Our accounting and advisory service team will harness tech solutions to deliver a deeper understanding of your business’s data to deliver expert analysis and short- and long-term financial planning insight.

CAS allows you to rethink the traditional back-office structure. By providing custom, outsourced accounting services that leverage cloud-based solutions, your CAS team will take on the role of controller in your company. Beyond transactional work, you will receive reliable advice and strategic insight designed to help you better understand the company’s financial wellness, gain momentum and consider the big picture when making decisions.

A Closer Look At CAS

Rea & Associates' client advisory services are adaptable to fit your company. Whether you're looking for customized outsourced accounting solutions to tackle challenges ranging from recording accounting transactions, to looking for technology solutions to streamline your data entry work or anything in between; we specialize in helping businesses like yours do more with less.

On their own, services such as bookkeeping, month-end accounting support and data-driven consulting aren’t new. But by taking a different approach to these traditional services, we can reveal exciting opportunities for owners of small- to mid-sized businesses to drive real growth and meaningful results.

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Customizable Solutions

With CAS, you can choose the appropriate level of support that addresses your business’s specific needs. If you need somebody to handle daily transactions, great! If you're looking for ways to analyze real-time financial data to become more proactive in the marketplace, that's fine too. You can choose as many or as few of the services as you want.

By harnessing effective technological solutions, your CAS team can provide you with up-to-the-minute comprehensive accounting and financial information – allowing you to monitor your business anytime, anywhere. With key information at your fingertips, you have the tools needed to make key business decisions that will make a big impact today, tomorrow and beyond.

Technology Is Key

Rea’s client advisory services can be tailored to fit your specific business needs, which means we can provide you with:

  • Customizable and user-friendly dashboards.
  • Access to a range of metrics designed to help drive business success.
  • Superior analytical reporting that allows you to pull data and identify trends.
  • 24-7 access to critical business reports.

What technology are we using to deliver these services?

  • QuickBooks® Online
  • BILL
  • Expensify
  • Restaurant365
  • Qvinci

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CAS is a game changer for small- to mid-sized businesses because it effectively levels the playing field among larger competitors. Now, you can give your business the large-scale professional accounting department it needs, without the headache of dealing with interviewing, onboarding, training and overhead costs.

Your dedicated team of experienced accounting professionals are committed to providing you with ongoing strategic analysis and guidance to help you understand your business’s current financial position. This powerful knowledge will position you to take advantage of timely opportunities, minimize risks and effectively move your business forward.

The Job Description

Your outsourced accounting and advisory team will:

  • Include an experienced advisor with insight into your company’s specific industry and marketplace.
  • Regularly set aside time to discuss trends, opportunities and concerns based on current business data.
  • Be available to offer ongoing strategic guidance on key accounting and financial management issues.

In addition to the predictable challenges businesses face throughout their lifecycle, the overall business climate continues to be unpredictable. Rea & Associates’ team of service professionals, industry experts and business consultants work hard to stay on top of changing government regulations, disruptive business trends and general industry concerns. When you work with Rea, you have access to:

  • A growing team of the best accounting, tax and business advisory professionals.
  • Teams of dedicated industry specialists.
  • A wealth of expert insight and ongoing professional education resources to help promote holistic business sustainability and growth.

What Can You Expect?

Our client advisory team will coordinate the setup and integration of your accounting solutions. They will then work with you to develop processes and provide any necessary training. You’ll get help with day-to-day accounting, month-end closes and reporting. Our advisory team will review the financial results regularly with you and act as an ongoing advisor for your business. Beyond the transactional work, you’ll receive reliable advice and strategies so you can understand your financial statements, gain direction, and see the big picture. The ultimate goal is for you, the business owner, to focus on what is important to you – running your business operations and letting our CAS specialists take care of the aspects of the back-office accounting functions in order to make the business more profitable. To get a better idea of our services and the customized solutions we offer, view our Client Advisory Services Tiered Packages downloadable.

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Are you ready to take a new approach to your company’s back-office accounting work? Are you ready to drive data-backed business growth? Are you ready to focus on the aspects of your business that drive you to get up and give your best every morning? Contact us and let’s talk about your business’s specific challenges and how our client advisory service team can help you.

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